Malmö & Lund, Over the Bridge

Malmö & Lund, Over the Bridge

Through Malmö to Lund!

From DKK 650

Cross the impressive Øresund Bridge

Explore medieval Lund, its beautiful Cathedral and University

Step back in time in beautiful Jakriborg

Visit magnificent Malmö

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Malmö Turning Torso Malmöhuset  Moderna Museet Stortorget & Lilla Torget Jakriborg Lund St Peter’s Cathedral Kulturen Øresund Bridge The Swedish countryside


We travel from the Astoria Hotel, in Central Copenhagen, along Amager Strandvej, the coast road, which parallels the new Amager Beach Park. When the sun shines, this road becomes Copenhagen’s Cote d’Azure, with sunbathers and people enjoying eating at the outside tables of the many cafés here.

After leaving the Amager Beach Road, we cross the impressive Øresund Bridge, opened in the year 2000 and head towards Malmö. The bridge is comprised of a top level for motor traffic and a lower level for trains. The Bridge has been designed so it doesn’t alter the flow of oxygen in the water, from the Øresund into the Baltic. This is so as not to damage fish stocks.


Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city with a cosmopolitan population of over 331,000 people, who come from over 170 countries. Malmö is known for its many restaurants, especially on Lille Torget, which is in the heart of Malmö’s heritage area, with buildings dating back to the 1580s. See also Malmö Castle, Malmöhus, which is even older, dating back to the 1530s. At Malmöhus you can find Malmö Art Museum and Malmö Natural History Museum. On one side of Malmöhus is Kungsparken, with its sculptures and little twisting paths. At the other end of town, is Moderna Museet, Malmö’s free modern art gallery. There is also the Turning Torso, currently Sweden’s tallest inhabited building, which is 190 metres or 623 feet tall. Unfortunately we can not go up the Turning Torso.


Those who are travelling to Jakriborg and Lund stay on the bus, which takes us through the Borough of Burlöv to Jakriborg, the old town that isn’t old. Jakriborg is a hidden gem, which was built in the 21st Century, but looks like it dates back to the 1600s. The town is designed to have a car free centre, so you have to park motor vehicles on the outskirts of this settlement. Take a look at what’s beyond the City Wall and look in the windows of the vintage HiFi shop, full of reel to reel tape recorders among other interesting things.


From Jakriborg we travel along a narrow country road, back to the highway and then on into the ancient City of Lund, where the Cathedral dates back to 1145. Lund was established in the year 990, by Danish King Sven Forkbeard, as Skåne, this southern county of Sweden, was part of Denmark up until 1658. Take a walk around the little small streets behind the Cathedral, with houses dating back to the 1600s. You can also visit Historika Museet, which tells you about the history of Lund and the university site, including Lundagårdshuset, which dates back to the 1500s. Lund is a great place to have lunch, which is the same word in Swedish, as it is in English. There are lots of little restaurants in Lund, especially around Martenstorget, Martens Square.

After our time in Lund, we have some time in Malmö and then return to Copenhagen, going back across the inspiring Øresund Bridge. Let’s have an enjoyable day out!


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