Turning Torso


The Turning Torso is a skyscraper with a twisting design that’s 190m or 620ft tall.  It’s the tallest building in Scandinavia and Malmö’s new landmark. It’s owned by the Swedish Co-Operative Housing Association, HSB and was designed by the Spanish Architect, sculptor and painter, Santiago Calatrava. It’s constructed in nine segments of five story pentagons, that twist as it rises. The Turning Torso contains 147 apartments and is acknowledged as the world’s first twisting tower.

In 2005 the Turning Torso won the Gold Emporis Skyscraper Award. The Torso is based on a sculpture by Calatrava, called Twisting Torso. The tower turns at an angle of 90% and is powered by locally generated renewable energy. The building has featured on Discovery Channel’s Extreme Engineering programme and in 2006, the Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner parachuted on to the Turning Torso and then, jumped off it.


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